Thursday, 5 December 2013


Popped over to Marsh Lane on Tuesday afternoon hoping to get some shots of the drake Mandarin Duck.I soon found it on a distant island on the railway pool but the miserable so and so stayed in the same spot for ages either asleep or preening.Never came into range so no shots.

Thought I'd got onto a Scaup on the car park pool but luckily for me I was sitting next to Andy Hale who said it was a hybrid probably Tufted/Pochard.Got a poor shot in the afternoon gloom.

Popped over again just before lunchtime on Wednesday mainly because for a change there was some brightness about.No Mandarin and no hybrid duck as far as I could see but soon spotted a Peregrine that was hurtling around mainly over the railway pool.Unfortunately it never came close and it soon flew south but great to see.

The Kestrel showed again usually at the far end of the crop field but did once come fairly close to the car park.

After an age hovering in one spot and not catching anything it looked up and gave me the eye.

It then cruised right over me and like an idiot I tried to follow it taking shots until I tumbled over.What a clown !!!

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