Friday, 6 December 2013


Popped over to Marsh lane again this morning hoping to get some shots in the bright conditions.Got there at 9.30 AM and my god it was cold.

Met John Oates at the causeway screens and he said he'd seen a pair of Black-tailed Godwits fly over the car park pool but we couldn't spot them from the screens.Spent a half hour in the Oak hide with John but saw nothing to point the camera at.Was forced out of the hide with the cold which might have seemed worse than it really was because John had told me about his next planned trip this time to the Himalayas to see Snow Leopards and all the cold weather precautions he's had too take.

Called into the car park hide where Steve Haynes had located the BTW's on the far bank of the pool.Luckily they flew over to land on the far side of the island in front of the hide.

After a while they started to walk towards the centre of the island.

They then for a short while came to the front of the hide giving good views.

At not long after 11.15 AM they flew off but did not leave the reserve but landed on the bank on the far side of the pool.Great to see in December.Never seen one that late in our area before.

The other bird of interest seen was the Peregrine sat in it's favourite tree in the field well to the right of the big hide.As usual the miserable so and so just sat there.

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