Saturday, 8 March 2014


Marsh Lane is on terrific form this last week with all the waders referred in my last blog showing up and  another was also present on Friday a Ruff. Furthermore I've just been tipped off a few minutes ago that a Black-tailed Godwit is currently showing on the car park pool.Must go again after lunch.

Back to Friday I went down lunchtime hoping that the Ruff was still around.It was.It was on the car park pool island a little too distant for me but very nice to see.When everything took flight it flew off towards the railway pool.

I then went to the Oak hide and soon found the Ruff again but if anything it was even further away so I got no more shots.

My favourite bird of the week the cracking male Stonechat had not been since Wednesday so it was for old times sake that I ambled down to it's favourite spot the Gorse bush.I'd only been there for 5 seconds when he landed on the fence right next to me gave me a glance and then landed even closer to me on the Gorse bush.I was still in shock when it looked straight at me and seemed to say "Get that damned camera out and start shooting or I'm out of here".So apologies for more shots but it is a great bird.

This is another shot of the Stonechat.I took it last Wednesday but is interesting as it's a dual effort.I took the shot but it was edited by Jeff Rankin using his powerful software package that saved it being deleted.

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