Wednesday, 23 July 2014


On Tuesday whilst eating an al fresco lunch I was wondering where on earth I could go in the afternoon with the camera in this fine weather.I'd not done too well the last couple of days only getting some shots of some of the juvenile Great Crested Grebes at Earlswood lakes and a shot of one of the 3 Green Sandpipers at Marsh Lane.

As I was about to drink a cup of coffee my mobile went off.It was my good friend Kath Everitt " I'm at Seeswood pools and I'm looking at a Night Heron". My God ! ! !  I was so impressed with this tip from Kath I decided  to promote her from "my good friend" up to "my very good friend" which in the army is equivalent of a full colonel.

I'd seen one before but after 4 visits in May 2011 to Earlswood Lakes the only shot I'd got was this one.So getting some shots was vital.

Keen to get there quickly I grabbed all my kit and set off but as often happens when you are in a hurry things go awry.Although I'd had my car car keys in my hand a few seconds before I managed to lose them and when I set off I realised I was not wearing my glasses.What a burk ! ! The 15m drive took me ages as I kept coming across farm tractors everywhere.When I finally got there I managed to park in the wrong place and when I tried to phone Kath to find out where to go I got no signal.Wonderful ! !

I finally made it and joined about a half dozen birders watching the Night Heron approx. 100m away across the lake.What a great bird.A bit far for my lens but the light was good and even with a lot of cropping I managed some decent shots. 

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