Saturday, 19 July 2014


Having gone over to the dark side last week and visited a falconry I have come back this last week to trying to get shots of wild birds but my godfathers have I struggled to find anything to point the camera despite going out locally several times.

By Thursday evening all I'd got was a shot of a Marbled White,one of a distant Green Woodpecker,one of a Long Tailed Tit and one of a Song Thrush.Not much to show after  four trips out.

On Thursday I spent the evening trying for a Barn Owl that had been seen at a local site but had no luck.Whilst there I'd noticed loads of Swallows and  House Martins flying around so I went there Friday morning and got some shots of the Swallows but failed to get any House Martin shots.

I then went to Marsh Lane where I saw a Green Sandpiper and a Common Sandpiper both on the railway pool but both annoyingly too far for any shots.I then went to the north causeway screen to take on the Reed Warblers again.Several times this week I'd tried to get a decent shot of these chaps but every time they would not show long enough for me to get onto them.This is my best shot after several goes.Oh Dear ! !

Just when I was getting annoyed with the Reed Warblers not playing ball and  about to move into loud swearing mode a Sedge Warbler turned up and let me get some decent shots.The shots show how they creep low down through the reeds looking for food.

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