Thursday, 24 July 2014


On Wednesday morning I could not resist going over to the Seeswood Pools again and seeing the Night Heron.Got there not long after 10.00 AM and with fingers crossed that it was still there I set off down the path to the viewing point.

There was good news and bad news.It was there but it was being  miserable and had not been showing very well all morning.Whilst waiting for it to show I got a shot of two of the several Terrapins that are on the lake.One of them looked very big to me.

The Night Heron was staying put for ages just sitting in the same spot on this branch.It was a good job the weather was good and the banter amongst the few birders around was entertaining else I would have given up.

It was a very long time before it made any movement to speak of whereas yesterday it had been quite active. I was there today for about 4 hours and it moved around a bit only twice.Did get some shots but none as good as yesterday's.


This afternoon I popped over to the local NT site at Baddesley Clinton with the SX50 to try and get some butterfly shots (did poorly) and some Dragonfly shots (did worse).

On the short drive home down a country lane I drove past a farm track and on the gate just down the track was a bird.I braked sharply ( the road was clear) and at the same time I shouted out "F****** Hell". It was a cracking looking male Common Redstart.Never seen one locally before.

I reversed back and parked up.The bird had gone off the gate.It didn't return after 10 minutes so I got out the car and found it again but it was a long way off on some fencing.No shots but great to see especially near Knowle.

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