Sunday, 13 July 2014


Some more shots from the falconry at West Hagley.I've left these till last as I'm not sure what all the ID's are which is due to my notes being pretty dismal and the absence of ID plaques on these particular birds.Local help has not been any good and an e-mail to the falconry has not been responded to yet.Oh dear ! !

I'm fairly confident these shots are of a Saker Falcon that come from SW Russia. 

This next shot is a bit more difficult to ID.I believe it's of a Saker/Gyr hybrid.Cracking bird.

This next bird looks like a juvenile Kestrel to me but from what I can remember on site it was amongst the hybrid birds.

I'm OK with the ID on these next birds.They are a pair of Red Tailed Hawks which come from Central/South America.

I'm also OK with the ID of the next bird.It's a male Tawny Eagle from Africa.Couldn't get a full shot as it was heavily caged and all you get is a shot of the mesh.Impressive bird. 

Right now is where I am struggling very much coming up with the ID of these birds.They were all in the same area and I think are all hybrids (? ?).Possibly Gyr/Peregrine. Peregrine/Hobby. Peregrine/Merlin.If the falconry come back to me with the ID I will edit this blog.Fabulous birds whatever they are.

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