Saturday, 26 July 2014


Before I get onto the Restart a bit of self congratulation is in order.One of the shots I took earlier in the week of the Night Heron at Seeswood Pools was the one chosen by Birdguides in the Weekly Review section of their Webzine.I'm sure they saw loads of shots of this bird but they chose mine.Here is that shot :

Right back to the Common Redstart which is a very special bird because I found it and I very rarely find anything myself.Also it is a local bird. I found it down the lane that goes from the NT property at Baddesley Clinton to Knowle ( Netherwood Lane) only a couple of miles from where I live.The nearest place that I've seen them before was at Cannock Chase.

I found it on Thursday afternoon but got no shots.Another go on Friday lunchtime also resulted in no shots it was too distant.Another go on Saturday morning did produce some heavily cropped crappographs (it is simply too far away) but I was not unhappy because finding the bird was more important than getting decent shots.These are the best I could manage. 

Just to prove I can manage to get shots of these cracking birds here is one I took earlier.Much earlier in fact. The 2nd of June 2010 at Gilfach Farm NR in Wales.

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