Monday, 29 September 2014


Didn't fancy going out at all today as I was feeling out of sorts but the threat of paying out some fines on some overdue library books had me driving to Knowle just before lunchtime.As I had made the effort to go I thought I'd nip across to Marsh Lane for an hour.

My good friend Jeff Rankin was in the CP hide and he pointed out the female Pintail but together we could not find the Garganey reported earlier.The Pintail would not play ball and stayed a long way off. 

After a while I decided to have a quick look in the Oak hide where after scanning around and seeing nothing interesting I spotted a male Stonechat in the distance in the reedbed to the right of the Oak hide.

Gave Jeff who was still in the CP hide a call and together we had some occasional very good views as it kept flying from perch to perch.I don't see these chaps too often these days in fact the last one I had good views of was at Marsh Lane in the Spring.Cracking bird.

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