Wednesday, 1 October 2014


Although I was still feeling out of sorts and very much in wimp mode the weather was so nice this morning I drove over again to Marsh Lane hoping to get a shot of the male Garganey that was seen there again yesterday afternoon.

Entered the CP hide at 9.30 AM and had a bit of luck because John Oates was there and if anything was about he would spot it.The Garganey was miles away to start with but it fairly soon came closer but not that close even so nice to get a shot. 

The Pintail was also still about.

Graham also entered the hide and he and John spotted a probable White Wagtail at the back of one of the islands.

Best of all was when a Peregrine suddenly appeared high over the CP pool and sent everything up.I slipped out of wimp mode and dashed out the hide and rattled of a few shots before it headed off North Eastwards.

In one of the oak trees by the bee hives a Kestrel was busy having an early lunch.Pleased with the shots because the sun was right behind the bird and I had to wind up the exposure compensation.Glad I made the effort and came out.

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