Sunday, 9 November 2014


The bad run I'm having to find decent birds locally is continuing despite a few visits to Marsh Lane and a couple to Shustoke Reservoir.Friends have put me off trying Draycote Water and Brandon Marsh as they have told me that they are very quiet.Even my back garden feeders usually so good at this time of year are not attracting any birds.

All I've got this week on the picture front are some pretty average shots of my first sighting this winter of a Yellowhammer and of a few Golden Plovers that flew over the CP pool at Marsh Lane one morning.This is not good ! ! !

Things did not improve when on Saturday lunchtime I received news that an Otter and three young were showing well from the South causeway hide at Marsh Lane.The trouble was it was raining heavily and as president of the Fairweather Birders club I should not go but as my shots of Otters are pretty poor I thought damn it I'll go.

This turned out to be a bad decision because I got soaked,got very cold and after over 2 hours did not see an Otter.I went again this morning getting into the hide before 8.00 AM but again despite a long wait I saw no Otters.Oh Dear.When will this bad run end.

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Kevin Groocock said...

Hi Max - Why are you stressing over "decent" birds? Stick with the common ones and capture them in unusual situations. You are no less a photographer by doing this!I have given up locally and rarely go for birds found by others. I prefer doing my own thing, it gives more pleasure, even if it is a lonesome Starling! Catch up with you again soon.