Monday, 10 November 2014


Undeterred by the recent trips out with the camera being poor I went out again this morning down to Marsh Lane.Things didn't start well because the chap who I followed through the main gate took the padlock with him.Mind you it took a while for  me to realise this and not till I searched around for it with much swearing.

Hadn't seen much after an hour's search but when I went into the Oak hide for the second time things did improve.Searching in the marsh for Common Snipe I spotted one bobbing up and down and when it turned it was clear that it was a Jack Snipe.The first spot I think at ML this winter.This was the good news the bad was that it only showed for a few seconds dropping down out of site so no shots.

A very colourful Green Woodpecker then showed on one of the islands and I was at last able to use the camera.  

A Water Rail then appeared from the left of the marsh and darted across well hidden for most of the time.It was pure luck that I managed to grab a few shots before it scurried into the reeds.

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