Sunday, 25 January 2015


This morning at just after 9.00 AM on the way to deliver a birthday present I called into Brueton Park to take some shots in RAW which I never use but all my tog friends swear by.

Brueton Park usually has Mallards,BH Gulls and a few Geese on show and very occasionally something decent.There are a few problems at Brueton Park the lake is usually pretty gloomy with the light poor in the mornings,there are usually loads of noisy kids there which is fair enough it is a park but by far the worse thing is that there are always loads of dogs racing around. 

As expected there was nothing decent on the lake at the car park end but as I walked to the top of the lake I found  three pairs of Goosanders.As I love Goosanders I was pretty chuffed.However they were in the very gloomy part of the lake hiding under the overhanging trees and I'm blowed if I could get even a crappograph.

I decided to leave and deliver the present and get a cup of coffee.An hour later I went back to see if the light was any better and see if the Goosanders were showing a bit better.Yes and Yes was the answers although the light was still not good.

Did manage some decent shots but I got into so much trouble trying to edit the shots in RAW I converted them all to JPEG's  before I could edit the shots.

I even managed a couple of decent flight shots.


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