Wednesday, 21 January 2015


I'm pretty certain I will soon be thrown out of the Fairweather Birders Club because yet again on Tuesday morning I went out with the camera in freezing cold conditions.Still very reluctant to venture out other than very locally I popped over to Marsh Lane again getting there at 9.45 AM and had the place to myself.

The CP pool was frozen over except for a small patch which was crowded with ducks mainly Teal and a few BH Gulls.The RW pool was the same with only a small patch of water not frozen over and only a few birds on show.The marsh was packed out again with Common Snipe but I couldn't find yesterday's Jack Snipe so only got shots of the Commons.

A Water Rail did show twice but on both occasions flew across the open area so unless you were very quick you couldn't get a decent shot.I was slow ! ! 

I went for a quick look again in the CP hide before I left and  before third degree frostbite finished me off for good.I found a Little Egret on one of the islands which did not look too happy in the cold weather.Trying to get decent shots of a brilliantly white bird in dazzling sunshine is not easy and I didn't do too well but it was nice to see.

It was very amusing to see geese coming in and trying to land on the ice.Quite a lot of skidding took place.

Just as I locked the CP gate I spotted a Redwing in the sheep field and as I'd done poorly this winter getting shots of these chaps I thought I'd better give it a go.Only got one shot before it flew off but luckily it came back pretty soon and perched on the fence.

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