Friday, 10 April 2015


As it was another nice morning I popped over to Marsh Lane again on Friday getting there not long after 8.00 AM.

Got my first Common Tern of the year on the RW pool and it showed great interest in one of the rafts before one of the large number of BH Gulls chased it off.

Missed the Jack Snipe which had been showing well in the marsh only 30 minutes before.A Common Redshank was the only bird showing for me.

Whilst in the Oak hide I received two calls within a few seconds of each other "A Ring Ouzel is showing well at Napton Reservoir" Well as I've been a ROPV (Ring Ouzel Photo Virgin) for years I thought I'd better get over there sharpish.

As I raced back to the car I spotted a Linnet on the causeway and a very high flying Sparrowhawk over the car park.

If you are on a twitch you need to get there quickly because the bird might fly off. My journey was badly managed I'm afraid as I had to stop and buy some water,took two wrong turns,had to stop for a call of nature and went to the wrong marina.Got there eventually and was very lucky because the bird showed well although a bit far off for my lens but who cares I got my first Ring Ouzel shots.

One of the great things about these local twitches you often find the cream of Warwickshire birders there and it nice to have a chat with them.While I was there there were 2 Bobs,2 Keiths,a Tim,a Peter,a Terry,a Mick,a Maureen and Kath Everitt.

It was a much nicer marked bird than I realised.Here are a few of my shots.  

The Ring Ouzel often disappeared into the hedge so I took the opportunity to get some Chiffchaff shots.

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