Sunday, 19 April 2015


Mid morning on Saturday just as I had parked in the Marsh Lane car park a text from Birdguides told me that there were 2 Black Winged Stilts at Middleton Hall.

I vowed after going there last year for the Pacific Golden Plover that I wouldn't go again as the walking needed to see a bird there was too demanding and begs the question why anyone would build the car park in Warwickshire and expect you to walk to the borders of Leicestershire to see the birds.If I was desperate to go ever again I would have to hire Bear Grylls to ensure I got there and back OK.

Walking down the causeway I had to take some more shots of the Willow Warbler that sings there every day.He doesn't like it too much if you just walk by.

I was very surprised when I entered the Oak hide when Graham and David pointed out to me the Jack Snipe in the marsh asI thought it had gone.It was very hard to see well hidden in the reeds and I spent the next hour taking on the challenge of getting a shot of a well hidden skulking bird.Just as it was threatening to come into the open a Lapwing scared it off.This is all I got.Hope you can see it. 


In the back gate coppice I had more trouble when trying for shots of a Blackcap.The leaves and the sunshine always behind the bird were giving me loads of trouble.

I love my new camera but I'm not doing very well with flight shots so I only managed a so so shot when one of the 9 Common Terns flew by.

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