Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Every year about this time I head down south on the M 40 to the Chilterns to try for some Red Kite shots and so this morning off I went again.

However before I get onto that trip I did pay a visit to Marsh Lane on Monday morning to see if Sunday's drake Garganey was still there.It wasn't.Had a good look round but the only shots I got were of a Wren and a Willow Warbler.This was not Willy from the causeway but Wally from the back gate coppice which is my excuse for posting another Willow Warbler shot.


Also got my first shot of the year of a Common Whitethroat along the causeway.A bit distant but nice to see again.

Right back to the Chilterns and Red Kites.Everyone has their favourite spot in the Chilterns to see Red Kites this morning I went to my favourite the small town of Watlington not far from J 6 of the M 40.Scores of them cruise around there all day.You don't have to leave the free car park if you don't want to.

One of the reasons to go after the Kites was to test out my new camera with flight shots which I have not done too well with so far.I did get some good shots but I had loads of out of focus ones which is a bit worrying.I hope it's me (probably) and not the camera.Here a few shots taken today.

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