Saturday, 18 April 2015


As Marsh Lane had been on very good form recently on Friday morning I went over again hoping that something decent had dropped in.

Got there pretty early for me at not long after 8.0 AM and found it a bit overcast and surprisingly cool with a cold NE wind blowing.I definitely needed my thermal underwear but they had been placed in a bank vault for safe keeping a couple of weeks ago.

Spent most of the morning there but didn't find anything new that dropped in other than at least two Sedge Warblers that were in the marsh.Did manage my first of the year shot a bit distant but very nice to hear and see them again.

A couple of LBB Gulls were getting amorous on the RW pool but the male was having no luck and flew off in a huff.That brought back a lot of memories.

This year I've had a lot of luck with getting shots of Goldcrests one of my favourite birds which is completely opposite to last year when I didn't manage any shots at all.I was lucky again this time at Marsh Lane.I had just stopped for a call of nature when a Goldcrest appeared on a branch less than a metre away.It was not impressed  and thought I was marking out my territory on it's patch.

Keen to get home and have a hot cup of coffee as I was leaving the site and was just about to stop at the main road a Mistle Thrush landed on a branch just across the road.Moving like lightening I grabbed the camera and focussed on the bird in a split second.Unfortunately the camera was set up for flight shots and I wasted half a dozen shots.Luckily it stayed for a few seconds more and I got some decent shots.

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