Sunday, 31 May 2015


As I stated in my last blog I was getting worried this Summer about getting any Spotted Flycatcher shots because I'd already checked out my best places for seeing these chaps and had drawn a blank.However not for the first time I was saved by my good friend and top photographer Kat Everitt who told me the place she had found a pair.

So early Saturday morning I set off for a churchyard in deepest Warwickshire getting there at just before 8.00 AM to find it a bright morning with not much wind but it was very cold.Within 5 seconds of getting to the right spot I saw 2 birds one hiding in a tree and one on some fencing.They were both Spotted Flycatchers.Yipppeee ! !

I was very lucky because after only 5 minutes I'd got a few pretty decent shots mainly because Spotted Flycatchers are very obliging as long as you don't get too close and can keep pretty still.Did I go then ?. No way I love these chaps and I stayed for quite a while watching them as they caught insects.  


My favourite shots of the morning were taken when I caught one collecting nesting material.

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