Monday, 1 June 2015


Although I'd not seen a Black Tern for a few years when I got the message late morning on Sunday that there was one on the Engine Pool at Earlswood lakes I took one look at the weather wet,cold and windy I went into wimp mode and decided not to go.

Just after tea I received another text (this time from Kat Everitt) saying that it was still there.As I was walking down the sailing club path I bumped into Andy Hale who soon put me on to it.Mind you it was whizzing around all over the place literally going from one end of the lake to the other.

It was very hard to focus on it not only because of the speed it was flying at but also it never came close and the camera kept focusing on the trees in the background.Well that's my excuse anyway.Still I have been informed I now have the largest collection in Europe of blurred grey blob shots.

Great fun trying to get shots though with much heavy duty swearing involved.Here are my best shots.

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Tom Perrins said...

You saw one last year :-)