Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Late morning I had a text from Birdguides telling me that there was a Grey Phalarope at Brandon Marsh.I decided on the spot not to go because the drive to BM these days is a pain with those roadworks and I've got some decent pics of these chaps and the weather was not good.

At lunchtime I received a call from Andy Hale telling me it was still there and it was in Summer plumage.Although as I've said above I've got shots of these chaps but none in Summer plumage.So off I went.

Got there at 1.30 AM to find the car park crammed with cars but I was lucky and found a place.The EM hide was heaving with birders,cameras and scopes so I had to squeeze in to find a spot.The bird was on a small island half way between the hide and the big island.Too far for my lens to get decent shots but who cared because it was a cracking bird.It was hard to believe the grey birds we get to see in Autumn was the same bird.

The cream of local birders were in the hide plus sitting at the end of the bench was Lee Evans. I always think that when he's around there is a top bird present.

A couple of heavily cropped shots showing how attractive the bird was.  

Managed a few flight shots also heavily cropped.

The bird (a female I'm told) was often harassed by the Gulls and I was able to get a few shots. 

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