Friday, 5 June 2015


On Wednesday morning I went over to the churchyard not far from Nuneaton to get some more shots of the Spotted Flycatchers I caught up with a few days ago.It served me right that last time I boasted how accommodating they had been because this time although I was there for over an hour I only had a few short glimpses.

Here are a couple of shots the first shows that they were not pleased to see me again.

On Thursday morning the weather was very Summery so I shot over to Marsh Lane getting there not long after 9.00 AM.

Soon ended up in the North causeway hide hoping to get some more shots of the cracking Reed Warblers that have been showing well there however there was a problem because it was, unknown to me, Water Rail Day.This is the day of the year that Water Rails usually so secretive have to show in the open and have to resist scooting back into the reeds.

There presence distracted  me away from the Reed Warblers.There were two that for the best part of an hour showed very well in the open feeding away.Too well in fact because a lot of the time they were too close for my lens to focus on them.

Here are a few shots when they weren't too close.These shots are not cropped.There was no need.


I then found a Little Egret preening on one of the islands from the Oak hide.Tried hard not to burn out the whites in the bright sunshine.

It wasn't long before some BH Gulls had a go at it.I noted that in defense mode it fluffed up it's feathers.

It was whilst I was in the Oak hide I had yet another embarrassing ID incident.In my defense I was in conversation with Martin about the Grey Phalarope when this bird flew fast and low over the islands.It was dark with a long tail and pointed wings.I shouted out  "Peregrine".It was a Cuckoo.Oh   dear ! ! ! I should have known better because no other birds had taken flight.

On the way back I had another go in the North causeway hide.The Water Rails were not showing (I found out today that they have chicks) but the Reed Warblers were very active.Cracking birds.


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