Tuesday, 25 August 2015


As it was going to be bright first thing this morning I popped down to Marsh Lane  hoping to get some shots before the rain arrived.

Got there at 8.00 AM to find it sunny but a bit chilly. Didn't see anything decent in the CP hide but when I had passed the causeway hides the trees/bushes on the right just before the stream were alive with birds.Managed a few shots of those birds that stayed still for a while. 

Also among these birds was this youngster which I struggled to ID at the time.It was very keen to feed on the berries and was nice enough to pose for some shots.I think it may be a juvenile Blackcap but |I thought they had brown crowns when young.Nice bird whatever it is.

As I went through the streamline gate and started to walk along the path to the Oak hide I nearly trad on two chicks.They shot off into the long grass on the bank on the right.As I stood pondering what they were I was reminded of a scene from one of the Jurassic Park films when some Veloceraptors raced through the grass on the attack.What raced through the long grass to attack me was a female Pheasant that was protecting her chicks.It really went for me and drove me back through the gate.I decided to visit the River hide.

A little while later I safely made it into the Oak hide where I saw 3 of the 5 Little Egrets on site that morning including the ringed juvenile. 

Also from the Oak hide were three Common Sandpipers.

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