Sunday, 11 October 2015


Not wishing to stay in all day yesterday I thought I'd pop over to Marsh Lane for some fresh air and exercise.Got there just after lunchtime to find it a bit gloomy and chilly.The only other birder on site was my good friend Jeff Rankin.

I had found nothing interesting by the time I'd had a good walk round except for a couple of Common Gulls on the RW pool.I was just thinking of heading home when a call from Jeff told me he had got a Med. Gull on the CP pool.

I was in the Oak hide at the time so I raced over to the CP hide.Oh Alright I didn't race I cannot race anywhere these days I limp I hobble and when in a hurry I stroll.

Here are a few shots which are heavily cropped and aren't too bad as it was a bit gloomy.The Gull did seem to have a bad left leg which you can see in some of the shots.

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