Saturday, 10 October 2015


I've been down to Marsh Lane a few times since my last blog but now that my best friend the juvenile Hobby seems to have left and flown off to Africa I have struggled to find something decent to point the camera at.

Did find a lone Dunlin on the RW pool last Saturday but the light was not good so couldn't get a decent shot.

Later in the week when in the RW hide I did have a long battle with a young Green Woodpecker who was in the scrub to the front of the hide but for ages stayed pretty well hidden in the undergrowth.

Patience which is not my strong point finally won and it popped out into the open very briefly.

You could tell I was struggling to find any interesting birds and that I was badly missing the Hobby because I started to try for some Starling flight shots.

The Bar-headed Goose was there again on Friday but as usual was not close.

Best spot of the week happened earlier this morning when I saw this Grey Wagtail around my neighbour's pond which is covered in netting as a guard against the "Pondhopper " (a Grey Heron that raids local ponds). 

Not very good shots I hear you say but I am pleased with them.Why ? Because it was very dull and the ISO was up to 5000 on some of the shots plus I had to stand on a wobbly stool and poke the camera lens through a small top hung opening light window plus I am like a zombie early in the morning.

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