Friday, 12 February 2016


Either side of my twitch on Wednesday into deepest Gloucestershire for the cracking pair of Penduline Tits I have visited a couple of local patches and managed a few shots.

On Thursday of last week at Marsh Lane I got some shots of what I believe are the first of the year Oystercatchers. They did not stay long before flying off NW.

Last Tuesday a pair of Pintail were on the CP pool but despite waiting for ages and getting frostbite the darned things would not come close.This despite me shouting and swearing at them.

Yesterday I drove over to Shustoke Reservoir hoping that the ice would bring something close in.The trouble was when I got there there was no ice.However I did spot the long staying juvenile Great Northern Diver which was in it's usual spot near buoy 1.

When sometime later it started to move near the west end shore I headed over to that end to try for some shots.It of course didn't come too close but I did OK.

By mid morning the place was beginning to fill up with dog walkers who each seemed to bring more than one dog.On the walk back to the CP I didn't do too bad as only 2 dogs came close and growled at me with the owner looking on proudly.Pratt ! ! !

Other birds seen were a pair of Goosanders and a Common Buzzard who flew off before I could get close.

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