Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Went down to Marsh Lane on both Monday and Tuesday mornings and my godfathers it was very cold.My thermals were penetrated within minutes of setting off to find some birds to point the camera at.

On Monday a lone Jack Snipe was in the marsh from the oak hide.It was very close to the hide but  it was hidden by tufts of grass so great shots not possible.Still as always nice to see. 

There were 4 Oystercatchers on site but they spent most of the time flying round the pools.

On Tuesday a Jack Snipe was showing again in the marsh but it was well hidden.A Water Rail crept out of the reeds in the marsh and shot across the open water to disappear in the reeds again.It was on view for only 5 seconds so I was very pleased to get a few shots.

Whilst waiting in the oak hide on Tuesday during a quiet period I got into a deep discussion about staying in or leaving the EU.Heavy stuff.I changed my mind at least 3 times.So it was a relief when Buffy showed up.  

I was very impressed with Buffy when whilst it was trying to get warm in the morning sun a Swan approached it attack mode and went for Buffy .Buffy was having non of it and stood it's ground and after a bit of a scuffle the Swan moved on.Well done Buffy ! !

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