Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Popped down to Marsh Lane again yesterday morning getting there whilst there was some brightness about.After a good walk round but failing to find anything to point the camera at I went into the CP hide again to have a final look before leaving.

Despite it getting gloomy this was a good move because 2 of the 5 Redshanks on site were in range on the island in front of the hide.Managed a couple of decent shots straightaway. 

l also managed a half decent flight shot

The 2 Redshanks were pretty aggressive and had lots of punch ups. 

It soon became obvious why the Redshanks were having a battle the male was after some loving and the female was having non of it.After a while she gave in and the male made his move.A pretty rough move as well.Made me think I might have had more success if I had adopted his style all those years ago.

Just as I was about to leave a small wader showed up in the now poor light.I at first thought it was too small for a Dunlin and hoped for a Little Stint (it did have a small black bill and black legs) but this was wishful thinking and it was a Dunlin.What a shame.

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