Sunday, 20 March 2016


I had not planned to go out with the camera yesterday far too gloomy and cold for me but when I heard that an adult Med Gull was on the RW pool I grabbed an early lunch and drove over to Marsh Lane.

When I entered the Oak hide I was given the bad news that the Med Gull had flown off.After a bit my fellow birders left and I was on my own in the hide and it was very gloomy and very cold.Oh Dear a disaster then.No I'm pleased to say because there was a Ruff ,a Ringed Plover ,a Dunlin on site and a well hidden Jack Snipe in the marsh. 

A Common Snipe came pretty close in the marsh. 

The Jack Snipe who apparently had remained well hidden all morning suddenly woke up and started to come in the open.I reckon it had got jealous when I started to take shots of the Common Snipe and decided to get some shots taken.It came very close but the grass at the edge of the marsh prevented a clear view being had most of the time.First time I'd seen one in the open for quite a while now.

The Dunlin and the Ringed Plover remained far off all the time I was there but the Ruff was more mobile and came a bit closer.Pity it was so gloomy.

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