Wednesday, 20 April 2016


I always refer to Marsh Lane as my local patch but Brueton Park NR (the one through the cafe) is really my local patch as it's nearer only a couple of miles from home.If you are happy to wade through all the dogs that you encounter on route to it the little nature reserve is worth a visit and you can often find some decent birds there.

By the cafe I spotted a Treecreeper on a nearby tree and I was able to get some shots before it flew off.

On the little pond area besides a small heronry with 4 nests in the willow trees I found this chap sunning itself.I presume it's a Terrapin ?

A Coal Tit showed well but I struggled to get a decent shot.This is all I could get it would not stay still.

My main target bird was a Goldcrest and it took me an hour to find one and when I did it was in the gloomiest place it could find so I am very pleased with the shots as it needed very high ISO to get them and they are not too bad.

I also found at least one Chiffchaff  and managed to get a shot when it very briefly came down out of the tree tops.

The stars of the morning was a pair of Nuthatches that paid visits to the cafe feeders fairly regularly enabling you to get some decent shots.This is the best spot I know for getting shots of Nuthatches as you can sit in the outside cafe area and wait for them to turn up only a few meters away. 

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