Friday, 22 April 2016


Early this morning whilst on the computer feeling just like the weather outside (gloomy cold and miserable) I noticed that the Hoopoe seen the day before in a horse paddock in Romsley Worcestershire was still there.When I checked where Romsley was and saw that although 20+ miles away it didn't look like a bad drive I sprang into action and set off there just after 9.00 AM.

The drive went very well till I got to the village of Romsley and discovered that in my haste I'd forgotten to bring my map and didn't know where to go.Oh Dear ! ! ! 

20 minutes later I had a bit of luck and stumbled on the right road having driven round in circles.There was only one car there which was a bit worrying and when I chatted to the birder he hadn't seen it.

I don't mind too much waiting around for a decent bird but if the weather is bad I'm not so keen and this morning it was very cold with a bitter wind blowing.After nearly an hour the other birder decided to give up and got into his car to leave.I had another scan round and blow me down what did I spot.  

I dashed down the road and waved my arms to attract the other birder now driving off.He saw me and came back.He was chuffed to bits to see it.What a cracking bird ! ! ! 

I managed some decent shots of it across the other side of the paddock the trouble being you have to poke your lens through the hedge that runs along the road side of the paddock.

Got my best shots ever of a Hoopoe when it came a bit closer and I managed to find a bit of a bigger gap in the hedge.

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