Monday, 4 April 2016


For a change on Saturday I went down to my local patch in the afternoon instead of a morning visit.I did this because people had been finding some decent stuff in the afternoons.So was it a wise move then ? No not really because the morning birders had two Osprey fly overs and also had a LRP posing for shots in front of the CP hide.

I did get a shot of a Chiffchaff having lunch and a Great Crested Grebe looking good in the sunshine.

Whilst walking the path to the River hide a Common Buzzard suddenly came out of the sun like a WW 2 fighter.

As the Buzzard was just coming close it suddenly veered away calling out loudly.I think it spotted my Canon camera and it's a Nikon only bird.Damn ! ! 

Back in the CP hide just before I left I spotted a Pied Wagtail I tried to turn into a White Wagtail but failed.I struggle to ID these chaps.

Suddenly flying very slowly over Sidden wood was an A380.Never seen one before what a massive and very impressive plane.Great site.

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