Sunday, 10 April 2016


Fancied going somewhere different Saturday but when I heard that the weather would be decent only early on I set out very early and drove over to Brandon Marsh.For the first time in over a year I went via the roadworks at the Tollbar island but luckily being so early I got through without too much hassle.

Went straight to the Teal pool hide to try and get some shots of the Black-tailed Godwit that had been around for a few days now.The hide was empty and it was gloomy and a bit damp.There was no sign of the Godwit.I was just in the middle of a swearing session when I spotted this chap hiding in the reeds way down the left side of the pool. 

In the gloom I thought at first it was a Peregrine but it was a Sparrowhawk which I assume was waiting for prey to drop in.After a while waiting for it to do something this chap dropped in.

The Green Sandpiper was busy feeding and calling out and it unknowingly slowly got close to where the Sparrowhawk was lurking.I reckon they were no more than 3 metres apart.Not a great shot but if you look carefully you can see both birds and how close they were.

After 20 minutes neither bird had made a move when suddenly the Green Sandpiper made a run for it and flew out across the water.The Sparrowhawk was off like a rocket and gave chase.Here a few distant shots showing the chase.

It all ended in an anticlimax because the Sparrowhawk surprisingly gave up the chase and the Green Sandpiper escaped without a scratch.Great drama to witness though so early in the morning.

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