Friday, 13 May 2016


A much quieter morning at Marsh Lane on Thursday than the Tern Fest the day before.I did get a shot of the new arrival 1st Summer Med Gull on the CP pool.Well I am fairly certain it is a Med Gull.

The only other success I had was getting some shots (well part shots really) of my first of the year Garden Warbler that was hiding in the back gate plantation.

This morning I had to visit Solihull library if I didn't want to be hit with overdue book charges.It was only when I left and saw it was only just after 10.00 AM that I decided to go to Earlswood and see if any Black Terns were there.From the causeway I could see nothing of note but just before I left I saw a photographer taking shots of something down by the sailing club.

As I approached the sailing club I saw a lone Black Tern zooming around.I spent an hour trying to get some shots but as usual I struggled and took loads of crappographs. Black Terns beat me every time but great to see and good fun trying to get some shots.These are my best.

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