Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Was just leaving to go to Marsh Lane after breakfast (although it was raining steadily) when a text came in "Black Tern on RW pool together with 3 Arctic Terns".This info got me racing over there. 

As I dashed along the main path to oak hide this chap caught my eye as he looked really fed up with the rain falling down and getting him soaked.A Sand Martin who didn't look pleased to see me. 

Soon spotted the Black Tern but it was far off.A pair of Arctic Terns were sitting with a Common Tern a bit closer to the hide.

Suddenly the lone Black Tern was joined by another 15 which stayed for a while before a few of them flew off.Here is a shot of 6 of them as they flew off.

I then tried for some decent shots of the few that remained and my godfathers did I struggle.They are a devil to get a decent shot of.Mind you the heavy rain and dull conditions didn't help but without them I suppose they wouldn't have dropped in.Here are my best shots. 

One of the Black Terns did land for a while which helped a bit.

I was just about to leave when I was told that the 3 juvenile Whooper Swans had dropped in.

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