Saturday, 25 June 2016


Despite travelling around a lot recently mainly locally but also including trips into Worcestershire and to the Oxfordshire border I have failed very badly to take any decent bird shots.We are well into the Summer doldrums.Some of my favourite spots have been desperately quiet.

A couple of days ago I got permission to go onto private land where some Spotted Flycatchers had been seen but despite looking for a couple of hours I failed to spot any.My Spotted Flycatcher jinx this year continues.Whilst there though I did spot a couple of young deer (Roe Deer ??).

Had Marsh Lane to myself for a while early yesterday morning.From the Oak hide I did get some shots of a Common Tern with it's chick

The only other time I used the camera was when a Reed Warbler showed well briefly from the N Causeway hide. I did miss getting a shot of a Water Rail because I was far too slow.

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