Monday, 27 June 2016


As I've mentioned in previous blogs I've drawn a blank this Summer trying to find and get shots of one of my favourite birds Spotted Flycatchers.I love these chaps to bits and every year for ages I've been able to find some without any difficulty but not this year.Visit to all my banker spots for them have ended up with failure.

A good friend from Marsh Lane saved me from complete despair at the weekend by putting me in contact with a couple who have a pair nesting in the back garden of their cottage in a private estate.There is no access without permission.

Eventually found the rather splendid cottage which was situated in impressive parkland just after 10.15 AM this morning.The owner was very accommodating invited me in and wanted to know if I preferred the garden or the house to get my shots.This was easily answered because as soon as we entered the dining room a Spotted Flycatcher dropped down from a wall vine and landed on a bench about 4 metres away.

Spent a very enjoyable hour with the owner.The birds showed well gathering insects for young.An excellent cup of coffee was provided and very good chat was had.Why can't all birding be like this.Here are a few of many shots I took looking through an open dining room window.

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