Saturday, 2 July 2016


With getting birding shots locally very hard I was pleased last week to get tip offs where I would have a chance of getting some shots of House Martins and Grey Wagtails.

The House Martins were in some nesting boxes at the eaves of a single storey building in the staff car park of a large estate.Easy then to get shots then ? Well no not for me because I performed as well as the England footballers had performed against Iceland.

The only excuses I can offer are it was very shady under the eaves and my god where the parents  quick when they fed the chicks.Great to watch though so close and to see the squabbles when too many parents turned up at the same time.

The next day at the same private parkland I went after some Grey Wagtails.Whilst waiting for them to show I spotted this LBB Gull with a catch in it's beak which after posting the shot on the net I found out it was a mole.

A pair of Grey Wagtails showed very well and I was pleased with the shots I got of these handsome chaps as it was very gloomy.I should have done better but I couldn't get close because it required me hiding low down behind some bracken.Trouble is these days my knees cannot take the strain and I wouldn't be able to get up without help.What a wimp ! ! ! 

Posted these 2 distant shots one showing one in a tree and I've never got a shot of one before perched in a tree.The other shot shows one in a more typical pose.

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