Thursday, 28 July 2016


I popped over again to Baddesley Clinton last Monday morning to have another look at the Spotted Flycatchers.I cannot keep away from these chaps they are wonderful entertainers and so accommodating.

This shot is probably the best shot I took all week.I got it while I was sitting down near some gravestones and it came so close I could have touched it.I think they must have got use to me and often came very close. 

This is a shot taken when two of the chicks had not fledged.Taken from distance and heavily cropped but you can see the two chicks and how cramped the nest was.

I was lucky enough the get quite a few shots showing what they had caught but I think this is the only one showing a wasp/bee.

Of all the shots I took and I took loads this is the only one I took showing both the adults in the same shot.

The adults were very busy keeping the nest clean.They had to do this several times an hour.

There were other birds around including a couple of young Chiffchaffs and up to 3 Nuthatches which showed off their going downhill trick.

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