Monday, 4 July 2016


After doing the weekly shop at Sainsburys I popped over to Marsh Lane getting there at just after 10.00 AM.I'd gone down because it was a fine Summer morning not because I expected to see any decent birds at this time of year.

Had a pleasant first hour but I had not seen any decent birds to photograph.I was beginning to slump into relax mode in the Oak hide when I was suddenly shaken into excited mode by one of my very favourite birds which was spotted zooming along the top of Sidden Wood. A Hobby. 

For about 15 minutes on and off it was hawking over the wood and along the railway embankment but never coming close.The first shot below which is cropped a bit shows how far away it remained.The next shot is the same shot cropped a lot. 

I was getting very frustrated with it refusing to come in a bit closer when it must have spotted me in the hide and came to have a look.

It came much closer at top speed and zoomed over the railway pool before disappearing off to the south.Here are some heavily cropped shots which I am very pleased to get so early (for me) in the year.Love these chaps to bits.

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