Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Because decent birds are hard to come by locally at this time of year plus the fact that my car is out of action (warning light displaying which sounds expensive to me) and my back is playing up again (too much painting) I thought I'd post a few shots from my local patch Marsh Lane from yesteryear. 

In March 2010 a Barn Owl started to visit on a regular basis.It usually arrived after 3.00 PM coming from the direction of the railway line bridges and favouring the area round the RW pool or the crop field.I remember going down to see it one Saturday afternoon and found over 20 big lens  photographers set up around the crop field and I didn't know any of them.Popular bird.

Took this shot as it sat on a post not far from the river hide.

I don't see many Bewick Swans so I was pleased to see this one (my memory is a bit vague but there might have been two) when I was down there March 2007.

I remember going down one Sunday morning in June 2008 to find several birders trying to see a Grasshopper Warbler that was reeling out deep in the small coppice in the car park.It would not show and most people gave up.

 I would have done as well as I've got no patience but my sole companion by this time was my good friend Steve Seal and he would not let me go.After nearly 3 hours of waiting it showed for about 10 seconds and we both got a shot or two.

There are Kingfishers around quite a lot at Marsh Lane but are nearly always speedy fly byes so when for a while one started to fish near the N causeway screen I was able to get some of my best shots of these guys.Took this one in January 2012.

I was very lucky one afternoon in June 2006 when I strolled down the path along the streamline when I happened to glance up at the right spot at the right time and saw these wonderful Tawny Owl youngsters.

One morning in April 2009 when I opened a couple of flaps in the CP hide on the grass nearby were several Yellow Wagtails.Very pleased to see them so close.

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