Wednesday, 9 November 2016


Yes I'm out of action again.No surprise is that I've done my back again.Herniated disc. I've obviously got a weakness there because each time I do it it's not after digging a ditch all morning but reaching for a pen or some similar tame action.Old bones no doubt.

In order to fend off boredom I've been through my records and set out here some of the more interesting birds I've photographed.Below is the first batch.

Went on a twitch on the 12th September this year over to Upton Warren to see the Baird's Sandpiper.Great bird but a devil to get a decent shot of due to the light.

Way back on the 30th March 2007 a Common Crane was in a field in Cropredy near Banbury.It stayed a few days and hung out with some Mute Swans

On the 23rd September 2009 I was on the Farborough bank at Draycote Water with a friend trying and failing to get some decent shots of some Yellow Wagtails that were down the bank.We soon gave up and headed down towards the spit when we spotted a strange bird on the water.It very soon took to the air and flew off but luckily I managed a few shots.It wasn't till later that I found out it was a Manx Shearwater.

During January 2008 quite a few people came over to Marsh Lane to see a Redpoll that was showing along the old road.Took this shot on the 16th but was it an Arctic or a Mealy Redpoll.Quite a few thought it was an Arctic.

Took this shot of a Red-throated Diver at Draycote Water on a bitterly cold day on the 3rd January 2009.Only one I've ever seen.

Used to be a lot of these Ruddy Ducks at Marsh Lane but of course they are not seen anymore.Took this shot April 2007.

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