Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Went over to Marsh lane on Monday morning to find it pretty gloomy.Struggled to find anything decent to point the camera at and had to make do with some shots of 3 Common Gulls that were on the RW pool briefly. 

Spent half an hour in the river hide got very cold and saw nothing.Only 10 minutes after I left the hide a Stonechat turned up and posed for shots.Don't you love it when that happens.

Had another quick visit this morning and my god was it windy.There was a pair of Goosanders on the CP pool but they remained miles away.

There wasn't much on the RW pool probably due to a Peregrine that was flying around in the distance.Best of all on a windy morning were upto 40 Yellowhammers along the causeway and in the car park.Managed some shots but couldn't get close to get some decent ones.Cracking looking birds.

A quick look again at the CP pool before I left was rewarded by finding a Little Egret that was enjoying the wind as much as I was.It was trying to hunker down as low as possible.

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