Tuesday, 17 January 2017


Although it was gloomy and damp again this morning I thought I'd pop over to Marsh Lane for a quick look. Wasn't a good move because there was major maintenance work going on near the back gate with several chainsaws in action.

Thought I'd missed out on getting a decent shot of a Peregrine just as I stepped out of the CP hide ( it flew low and fast right over my head) but when I checked later on the laptop it turned out to be a Sparrowhawk.Well it was gloomy and it moved very fast.The only shot I managed was this partial shot.

There were a couple of Common Gulls on the CP pool but they soon flew off.

There were 5 Shellduck on site one on the RW pool and four on the CP pool.

A Little Egret was on the CP pool again not liking the cold wind that was blowing. 

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