Sunday, 15 January 2017


Fed up on Saturday with staying in I took a chance with the very poor weather and headed off to Marsh Lane after an early lunch.

My route to my local patch is down country lanes along which I often see a Common Buzzard sitting on top of some telegraph poles.As soon as I stop to take a shot or two it always flies off but not today.For some reason perhaps the light drizzle falling it stayed and let me take a few shots before flying off.  

I didn't have the same luck at Marsh Lane where it was very damp and gloomy.There were a couple of Ravens that flew past the CP but all I could get were some crappographs.You will have to believe me that they are Ravens.

I missed the Cetti's Warbler from the river hide and the Stonechat was as usual was miles away.Did see a Shellduck on the RW pool.

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