Friday, 17 February 2017


With the forecast decent yesterday morning I headed off to Moseley again this time to see the Waxwings seen in a small car park off Windermere Road.

Got there at not long after 9.00 AM and saw that the flock of about 40 although not feeding on the berry trees they were pretty close high up in a nearby tree.Here's a shot of some of the flock.

Didn't have to wait too long before some of the flock dropped down to gorge on the berries.They soon flew off into the distance and did not return for about 20 minutes.This was the pattern for the rest of my 2 hour stay they would feed for a while then fly off returning 20 or so minutes later.

I left after a couple of hours driven off by the cold wind that was now blowing but had managed to get some decent shots of these beauties.

Although this isn't the best shot I took I like it a lot because getting shots of Waxwings that show the great wing markings is not easy.

I also managed some berry eating shots.

After I left the Waxwings I called into see the Iceland Gull again but it wasn't there.I did bump into Alan Dean and Glen Giles who were there to check out the YL Gull I posted shots of in an earlier blog (there had been lots of discussion on the net some thinking it was a Caspian Gull).I joined the in depth discussion as they studied the bird that was showing well that morning.My contribution to the discussion was " Hello Alan" "Good morning Glen". 

Here is another shot of the bird. 

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