Saturday, 18 February 2017


Thought it was going to brighten up this morning so I popped over to Marsh Lane getting there at 10.30 AM.It hadn't brightened up it was pretty gloomy and rather cold.

All the action I found was in the N causeway screen hide where I found my good friend Don Sutherland who had got some stunning shots of a Kingfisher that had showed right in front of the hide.I turned green with envy.

 I spotted 2 Kingfishers but they were well off to the right of the hide.

Luckily for me Dave and Graham had come into the hide and their keen hearing had them onto some Golden Plovers flying by.This is all I could get.

I was soon alone in the hide and as I waited for the Kingfishers to show I was entertained by the Cetti's Warbler which starting singing but I only got a couple of quick glances and a Cormorant and a Great Crested Grebe that both came into range. 

The Kingfishers were both still in the reeds far off but one showed a lot better.

A bit later one came a lot closer but alas not close to the hide.

It flew off briefly and then came back to the same spot but showed a lot better enabling me to get my best shots of the year.

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