Saturday, 25 February 2017


Been out a couple of times this week down to Marsh Lane but have had not much luck and to make matters worse the weather both times was a bit grim to say the least.Friday morning it was so cold with the wind blowing through the hide flaps coming straight from the arctic I only lasted an hour and left before I froze to death.What a wimp !!!

I spent a while in the N causeway hide hoping for the Kingfisher and the Cetti's to show but it was a waste of time.The only shot I took there was :

Good to see Oystercatchers back.There were at least 4 about on Friday.

On the way home Friday morning down the country lanes the Common Buzzard was again on one of his telegraph pole perches but as usual I could not park in a decent spot to get the light right but always nice to see.

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