Saturday, 15 April 2017


Went down to Marsh Lane this morning getting there pretty early for me at not long after 7.15 AM.Again my main target was my good friend the Cetti's Warbler who had so far been resisting my attempts to get a decent shot.

It was again very cold with that blasted northern wind blowing as I set up along the causeway to wait for my good friend to show.After 20 minutes it showed in the open.So I got some decent shots then ?No !! I could not blame the light this time so I'm going to blame the twigs.

I had to give up after another half hour as it didn't show and I was damn cold so I headed off to the river hide to see if the Sedge Warbler was showing.It was but still not close enough for my lens but great to see.

I then went back to causeway to see if the Cetti's Warbler was showing again.After a half hour with little action I was suddenly called into action.First a female Blackcap turned up but it was so quick that all I got was a crappograph.

Still cursing loudly about messing up the Blackcap shot my good friend suddenly blasted out it's song and appeared in the open.I immediately went into panic mode but at long last managed some decent shots.Cracking bird.I hope he soon finds a mate.

After all that action I popped into the oak hide and spotted a Common Sandpiper.

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