Wednesday, 20 December 2017


I have been in wimp mode recently very reluctant to venture out with the camera in the snowy conditions but yesterday I went out to my local patch Marsh Lane.

Got there not long after 9.00 AM to find that there was only one other birder on the reserve.This was no surprise as the pools were still iced over.

Along the causeway I found a Goldcrest but the gloomy conditions prevented me from getting any keepers and the bird soon flew off.    

Also from along the causeway there were a large flock of birds in the big oak trees.Must have been 40+ birds most I think were Linnets.

The RW pool was almost all frozen over the only bit of open water was very distant.What saved the day was a Little Egret which was fishing in the flooded marsh next to the oak hide.It stayed there for over an hour and often came pretty close.

It was a bit of an expert fisher and caught loads of fish .

Most of the fish it caught were small but on one occasion it caught a large one.I thought noway it could swallow it but it did.

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